Outer Banks

Sales & Rentals


We have been selling, managing and investing in real estate on the outer banks since 1998 and during that time we have provided our clients with top notch service and always going the extra mile to get the job done.  When it comes to your property there are two outcomes that can happen.  (1) Have a careful eye on it and stay on top of the routine maintenance and your property will retain and increase in value or (2) Neglect the property and have differed maintenance and see your property value decline.  We are here to make sure that is not the case.  With our team we will provide you with the piece of mind of knowing your property is being cared for.

  • Higher Quality tenants- pay on time, less turnover, less wear and tear
  • Fewer costly and time consuming problems
  • Shorter vacancy cycles- market the property to get the most qualified tenants
  • Longer tenant retention
  • Tighter rent collection process
  • maintenance and repairs handled by professionals not jack leg handiman.
  • Owner freedom-monthly payments and accounting
  • Easy records for tax preparation.